Pod Outdoor Winter Sale - Save $500 on the Tetra-POD Off Road and $545 on the Tetra-POD On Road while supplies last!

The Tetra-POD is the only enclosed trailer in North America that turns into a boat.  It comes in either an off road version or an on road model. If you need a boat/trailer to pull behind and ATV than the Off Road Tetra-POD is perfect for you. If you need a boat/trailer to pull behind your car or truck than the On Road Tetra-POD is the better choice. The Off and On Road Tetra-POD’s are the exact same in every way, except for the axle. The Off Road has a 2000 lb Walking Beam Axle, where as the On Road Tetra-POD has a Dexter Torsion Axle which is better suited for those longer drives with your car.

Perfect for small lake fishing, off-road excursions, trips to the dump, or just general hauling chores, the Tetra-POD can help you get to where you want to go. The small yet robust roto-molded  plastic tub trailer and 11ft jon boat  is the ideal solution for both work and play.

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