Niroflex GU-2500 Metal Mesh Gloves

$ 95.95

Brand: Niroflex

Niroflex Metal Mesh Gloves offer the ultimate protection for your hands when cleaning and filleting fish or butchering a deer, boar or other big game. Not only do these gloves protect your hands they are also ultra-hygienic to protect the meat from contamination.

Most other mesh gloves are assembled with adjoining rings the simply attach to adjacent parts. As a result the gaps in the glove seems can be more than 6mm which leaves plenty of room for a knife point to sneak through. The Niroflex 2500 gloves are assembled by weaving the adjacent ring around (over and under) at least four adjacent rings. As a result the seams on the Niroflex 2500 gloves are as strong, safe, and secure as any other part of the glove and the maximum gap is less than half the size of of most other metal mesh gloves.

Niroflex's patented clip closure system and and size range guarantee a secure, comfortable fit for everyone.

Only Niroflex metal mesh gloves have TPU stiffeners which:

  • Stand up to cleaning chemicals and steam cleaners
  • Have excellent bacteria resistance
  • Stay flexible in very hot and very cold temperatures

Niroflex is the metal mesh glove brand trusted by professional butchers and meat packers world wide.