Best Laundry Detergent For Hunters - Hog Farm Laundry Soap X2 Powder

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Brand: Hog Farm Laundry Soap

Powerful Oder Free Detergent With No UV Brighteners

So Powerful that a 1oz scoop can clean and deodorize a full load of laundry. 

Hog Farm Laundry Soap is a powerful detergent that utilizes enzyme and oxygen technology to completely clean and deodorize clothing while killing germs.

It was originally designed for Hog Farms to remove pig poop and the accompanying smells from coveralls. Hog farmers who happened to also be hunters started using this product for their own clothing as an odorless detergent, and now more hunters are catching on. 

  • Deodorizer - Completely deodorizes clothing without adding perfumes leaving laundry totally free of any smells.
  • Color Safe Bleach Alternative – Safe to use on colors and whites. Just throw all the clothes in together and let Hog Farm Laundry Soap do it's thing.
  • Stain Remover - Contains 3 specially bio-engineered enzymes which dissolve oil, grease, blood and other stain causing substances. 
  • Germ Killer – Great for killing germs and helping to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. If you hunt boar this product will kill any brucellosis on your clothing.
  • No UV Brightners - The UV brighteners used in conventional laundry soap can make it easier for animals to spot you. 
  • Fabric Friendsly - Extends the life of clothing when compared to more caustic, conventional bleaches and detergents. Your Camos will last longer.
  • Water Friendly  – Superior performance to conventional bleaches and detergents without the toxic bi-products such as trihalomethane.
  • Saves Money – Does not require multiple wash cycles which saves on gas and electric bills. It is also more gentle on clothing than conventional detergent and bleach, so clothing will last longer.

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Hog Farm Laundry Soap comes in two sizes, a 10oz size that is good for 10 loads of laundry and a 30 oz size that is good for 30 loads of laundry. 

The single most powerful laundry product available on the market today. Originally developed as a commercial laundry detergent for hog farms. Just 1 ounce in 12 gallons of water (25lb. machine) in 10 minutes contact time at 120 F produces clean, bright, linen. One cycle is all that is necessary which results in big savings in water, sewage and energy costs and just one cycle will cut wash times by 30-40%.



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